About Klity Case

About Klity

16 April 2014 : “The story of Their life , New documentary sheds light on the contamination of Klity Creek and the subsequent effect on the lives of ethnic Karen villagers  who must use it ” By Bangkok Post

21 November 2012 : “Villagers join up to clean Klity Creek”  By The Nation

September 2012 : Constructed Identity and Community  Self -Expression to Perceive Human Security ; Case Study of Klity Village, Kanchanaburi Province ,Thailand  By Passanan Assavarak ,Lecturer ,Department of Social Sciences and Humanities ,School of Liberal Arts  King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

27 June 2012   :  “PCD  may have to pay BT3.87M ”  By The Nation

7 June 2012 : “Lead Contamination in Klity Creek ” By Bangkok Post

 the Supreme Administrative Court verdict

11 January 2013 : “Final round victory for Karen villagers ”  By Bangkok Post


 Compliance  process with Supreme  Administrative Court verdict

10 March 2014 ” Budget approval problem hinders work at Klity Creek

29 December 2013 : “Hope still flows for poisoned Klity ,Expert are urging more thorough rahabilitation efforts ahead of the anniversary of a landmark court ruling  on the lead contamination case   ” By Bangkok Post

28 August 2013 : ” PCD gets Bt 11m to clean up Klity ” By The Nation



Summary of Administrative Court Judgment  on the Klity Creek Lead Contamination Case



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